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We’re removing the bankadmin command

Over the past month or so, we have noticed that quite a few server administrators have been misusing the bankadmin command to give themselves and people in their server ungodly amounts of money. For example:

The top entry has 278 digits – 9.495939939492899 × 10262

Normally, we would have no issues with this if we didn’t have items that could be purchased on the Asphalt Marketplace, including lifetime donator perks, mythical crates, 2-hour luck and more, which normally would/should be harder to attain.

In terms of ways to mitigate this, we could have a separate balance for points attained via this method. We have, however, decided against that as it would be more development work than what it’s worth. As there are around 60 executions of this command per month, so it’d be a lot of work for something that a small percentage of users actually use – but when those people abuse the command, there are rather large consequences.

– connor

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