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Providing an update on the recent audio issue

We recently noticed that an audio issue keeps popping its head up and causing issues for multiple servers, in which Asphalt will be stuck in a “Connected” state to your voice channel, and say that it is playing music – when in reality it isn’t even connected to the channel in the first place.

We believe we have a fix in the works for this, it is caused by Discord forcing Asphalt shards to reconnect (this can happen at random times, and for whatever reason), and the audio library that we internally use (and have tweaked heavily to work with our own audio system) improperly handling the resume and causing the audio player to be stuck in this invalid state.

The only fix for this issue in the meantime is to perform an entire restart of the bot, which takes time and means that others are unable to use the bot in the meantime (we do however have a system to temporarily save your queue, including which song was playing and how far into the song it was, and re-load it when Asphalt restarts and is ready to play audio again)

We hope that we’re able to get this issue fixed swiftly, however, we’re at the mercy of the library developer(s).

– connor

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